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This website is the result of many conversations with many different people encouraging the mission.

There are already enough other websites ( e.g. www.erowid.org) where psychonauts are experimenting with a lot of different substances. However, the set and settings under which those experiments have been made are often quite limited (e.g. home alone or with friends) and they don’t focus on the interactions and the different environmental settings.

On this site we are talking also about using drugs in a maximum effect environment like electronic dance music festivals where the music and the friends as well as other people and even a dense crowd add to the experience as very important factors.

However, considering the number of substances known to people these days the toolkit presented on this site only covers the tiny fraction of commonly available recreational substances – around 10 – plus a few extras that came our way.

This does not preclude that designer drugs are not working and hopefully the forum will be used by people to extend the story presented here with further insights regarding more substances missing in the original list.

TheArtOfGettingHigh.info is more about understanding the head space or set and the environmental setting and how we can attempt to get as high as possible within a beneficial setting by using all available resources like getting the right nutrition as well as using a number of drugs which does not exclude legal pharmaceuticals as they can also really help.

The overall mission is to help people better understanding their state of mind and help them to become more aware of the relations between altered states and environment.

Finally, we propose a toolkit together with some kind of manual to help people to get the most out of their situation and further to also avoid the common mistakes people do a lot without good introduction (as a lot of kids do these days, because everything the adults surrounding them  can say its bad).

20 years of party life have created the experiences which are the foundation of a proactive way of handling recreational substances constructively  in order to achieve higher states of awareness and sometimes even temporary enlightment.

….. as opposed to get wasted….
(a totally valid concept but not further pursued in this context)

On the bottomline after many years it becomes clear there are 3 kinds of people:

  1. people who understand this and keep on enjoying their high’s
  2. people that dont have enough disciplin and/or knowledge to avoid mistakes and give up trying after some time
  3. and of course the people who don’t even try…..

7 october 2015

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