TheArtOfGettingHigh attempts to present another, more constructive perspective on the field of using multiple drugs together (“polytoxicomania” in its abusive form). We believe that if  we provide the right information to inexperienced users, they may have a better start to enter this field and avoid some of the not-so-nice experiences which can easily occur in this context.

A “chakra  model” of psychoactive substances is the key concept we would like to share. The idea is to put the actions of the major drugs into a bigger picture and provide an  idea of what they do, so people can avoid to find out after the last dose that it wasn’ tsuch a good idea….

A thorough understanding of set and setting as well as correct dosage is absolutely necessary in order to be able to make the right decisions to improve your mental state.

After presenting a chakra and a larger vector model, more details about the different members in our collection will be given, including known interactions and drug combinations which are known to fail.

We wish that every reader which has a different experience which is not fitting into the presented scheme, adds her/his experience as a comment to the page or post to share with everyone and also to put things in perspective – as the matter is vast and highly subjective.