Chakra Model

The basis for this model is the visualization of Alex Grey of the human chakra system.Earth-Chakras-304x250

We can look at how different drugs are working on the different chakras. We believe that the best “high” relates to a balancing and excitation of all chakra energy nodes.

So if we keep the balancing of our chakra nodes as a goal in the mind and we learn that different drugs are acting on different chakras, then we suddenly can understand the process of getting high as stimulating the different chakras with different drugs to get there.

LSD is a substance stimulating the top or crown chakra only. In this context this explains why people taking too much of it are not so much “with us” anymore and drifting away into another realm.

Mescaline is a substance which seems to more stimulate the heart and throat chakras. Communication skills can be highly improved on mescaline and we feel good and open to the world around us.

MDMA is the good example for the heart chakra opener. It helps us so much to open up and give love to everyone around us.

DOB now is a special case as it excites more the lower chakras in particular the sex chakra. Feeling very grounded is an essential part of the DOB effect.

Because the latter 3 substances are acting on lower chakras they can all be used to compensate the “uplift” of the LSD and help to stabilize the trip. This is probably where the candy-flip (MDMA & LSD) has gained its popularity.

Starting a day with Mescaline and when you feel really good a few hours later, taking a proper dose of LSD can be so much fun too.

But we can also use it the other way around with DOB which lasts very long and therefore needs a special setting and attention. Similiar to the Mescaline it can be taken early in the day but a few LSD doses should be at hand to be able to pull the energy up when the DOB pulls it too much down. (unless you enjoy lying on the floor being very high)

Clearly the focus is on the LSD as this is the one truly psychedelic substance which can open our eyes and hearts and show us our full potential and help us to become our better self.

However, taking LSD on its own bears significant risks as any wrong influences (either internal or external) can easily destroy the energy balance in our system and turn into a very very bad experience.Therefore, the possibilty of compensating (or grounding) a little bit the uplift of the LSD can be a very helpful tool for steering a trip in the right direction.

Just to be clear: This is just a model of how to understand experiences and bring them into a context. Not everyone might be able to look at their experiences like this, but a lot of people do.

Also this chakra model only covers the psychedelic part of the drugs and the MDMA whereas the stimulants (or uppers) and the downers and the dissociatives are more acting on other aspects of our body and mind.