Social Factors & Dosage

It’s preferable when users share their substances with their friends, absolutely so much better than ending up taking them home alone…..

Just one thing really needs to be undestood here….. we are also all different!
So sharing evenly amongst unequal people in terms of physical condition & experience, bears a lot of risks. Some substances are so delicate in their dosage that individual dosage for each in a group of friends is utterly important for everyone to enjoy it. So splitting everything evenly seems fair but maybe not the best solution for everyone. Experienced users often offer different amounts…. or not take it all! This holds very true not only for the dosage but also for the timing.
Someone with a fast metabolism might think about another dose while another is still totally happy….. this is another factor which can lead to overdosage.

Most delicate seems the dosage with ketamin an acid as they  might have the most intense psychoactive effects when overdosed…..

The effects of overdosing alcohol is generally widely understood in most societies where the scary experiences of overdosage in teenage years left traumatic memories and usually let’s us find a limit later. However, those escapades go rarely passed the nausea, vomiting, and passing out …very few ending up in a hospital.

Taking too much mdmda makes you feel like a vegetable, even for days …. but it rarely gets very unpleasant…..

Too much coke scares your friends away and maybe causes unecessary agression… way too much of it can cause a heart failure…..don’t do this on a festival!

Too much speed/meth can make people very crazy. It also can seriously affect your immune system and make you weak.

After learning more about brain chemistry it becomes clear that long time sleep depravation just leaves shit in your brain…. literally! the waste products from your brain cells need to be cleaned out…. when you sleep!
So of course this applies not only to speed or meth but also to any other way to cause extended sleep depravation, there are many!

Too much ketamin makes you leave this world… temporarily. It is a  narcoticum after all. But when you are in public and unprepared, this can stress you out a lot and be very unpleasant…. when you were drunk before its a journey into hell…. as many people can report after mistaking it for some coke or speed.

Too much acid can be dangerous as things get out of control easily….. the effects are going from lying down and passing out into a wurmhole for 8 hours, to requiring many friends to hold you down to stop you from doing dangerous things… often ending up in hospital……
It very much largely depends how peaceful the altered state can be received.

Too much canabis also usually makes you simply pass out…. however, with oral overdosage people report very intense and scary experiences, as the does can be easly much higher  than from smoking.